You have a specialized business—congratulations! It means you’ve developed a deep understanding of your particular industry with unique services, specialized training specific equipment and tools.
Your “must have” list includes business insurance (storm damage, fires, break-ins, someone falls at your facility). But have you considered that the risks you face in your business each day that are exclusive to your line of work?

For example, only a pet service business would worry about runaway dogs. And most businesses out there don’t have to worry about their “customers” biting one another – unless you’re running a dog grooming or dog daycare business. Then suddenly, your entire business could be at risk.

PROfur Insurance is designed for pet services businesses, including groomers, pet daycare, dog walkers, pet sitters, dog trainers, boarders and pet therapists. It means that we understand your business, but better still, we now have a way listen to what you need. Starting with this initial blog, we’ll bring you news and insights into our industry.

PROfur provides customized coverage including Professional Liability and Loss or Injury of Animals. Add to this, our insurance brokers actually worked out the insurance coverage according to long-standing knowledge of these industries. We have the brokers with the experience and a large volume of pet care service business to negotiate more favourable coverage, premiums and help clients navigate claim difficulties.

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