So we’re having a cold snap, evidently known as the Artic Vortex! Here are a few tips to prevent frozen water pipes:

    • If no one will be around at your business or home for a few days, turn off the water supply at the water main and drain the pipes
    • If you have water pipes near an outside wall in a cupboard, open the doors so heat can circulate to keep the pipes from freezing
    • If you’re not sure if your place is insulated enough to offset frozen pipes, keep a tap or 2 turned on low to keep water flowing as it helps to keep pipes from freezing.
    • If a pipe does freeze, don’t use a blow torch or other open flame to try to thaw them. Use a hair dryer instead.

If a water pipe does burst, take steps to try and minimize and further damage. If you end up with significant flooding, ensure the power and gas are turned off before entering so you know it’s safe.
Stay warm!

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