Our History

PROfur is born

In 2006, Keith Ingoe was the President of HS Financial Services. And he was – and still is – a dog owner.  Keith regularly and faithfully took his pet to his local groomer. One day, Keith, always a champion of the small business owner (and an engaging fellow), was speaking with the owner about business while waiting on Cinder. What he learned was the owner was having a challenge in finding affordable, customized insurance for the business. Having been in the insurance industry for more than 30 years, Keith recognized a gap of service for this market. So, he returned to his office and reviewed the situation with his son, Chris Ingoe.  A few phone calls were made, and a short time later the PROfur insurance program was born.

In 2011, a few years after Keith’s “retirement” (and for those of you who may have met Keith, you’ll understand the need for the quotation marks), Chris decided to focus on servicing niche markets, and so HS Financial was sold, and Chris and PROfur’s original program manager, Jennifer Houston, moved PROfur to it’s new home at KRS Insurance Brokers. Chris has been committed to maintaining the high level of service and support his family’s reputation demands, and Jennifer shares that commitment. Together, they are responsible for the PROfur team, and to supporting our clients.  And if your lucky enough to call at the right time, you’ll even find Keith there lending a hand during his “retirement”!

We are proud of our heritage, and the fact that, to date, PROfur™ is the only insurance program for the Canadian pet care industry that we know of. All due to one man listening while waiting for his faithful companion at their groomer.