Multi-Service Pet Care

If you provide multiple pet care services, protecting all aspects of your business is important! With a combination of pet care services, your business has a variety of unique, complex risks. PROfur provides the comprehensive coverage you need and can insure multiple pet care services on a single policy.

Pet care businesses need specialized insurance to protect against the unexpected expenses and liability that can result from the accidental injury or loss of the pets themselves. Often you will also need professional liability coverage to protect you when you provide pet care instruction or advice to your clients. Not to worry though – we’ve made it easy for you to get a customized, cost-effective PROfur insurance policy that does a complete job of covering your customers pets and your business!

The services we can cover for you include:

Coverage Extensions are Available to cover Independent Contractors working for you

What You Need to Qualify

  • Refer to the sections for your specific services to see qualification requirements

PROfur ® Masterplan Key Coverages


Care of Pets


Professional Liability

Protects against lawsuits alleging your service or advice caused injury or loss to a pet.

General Liability

Protects against accidental injury to others, including pets, or accidental property damage. For example, this is designed to defend you if you are sued for negligence after a customer slips and falls on your premises, or if something were to fall and injure a pet in your care.

Damage to Customers’ Home & Contents

Protects against lawsuits that allege your negligence caused loss or damage to a customer’s home or their contents. For example, a customer sues you for losses incurred after the theft of valuables from their home, alleging that you failed to set the burglar alarm after visiting their pets.

Injury or Loss of Customers’ Pets

Including: Emergency Vet Expenses, Loss by Theft or Runaway, or Death

Allows you to make the best of a bad situation by being able to cover unexpected expenses incurred to care for pets injured or lost while in your care. This feature has the unique benefit of not requiring you to be sued in order to use the coverage.

Pets in Transit

The policy also insures pets while they are being transported in your care (i.e. If you have to take them to the vet; if you offer pickup or drop-off service).

Runaway Recovery Expenses

Covers reasonable expenses incurred to find or attempt to find a pet that has escaped or been stolen (i.e. advertising, travel, pet transport, veterinary services).

Reward for Return of Runaway

Allows you to post a reward for the safe return, or for information leading to the safe return of a customer’s pet that has escaped or been stolen from your care.

Emergency Removal of Pets

Covers reasonable expenses incurred to remove pets from your premises in the event of an emergency to protect them from further harm (i.e. Pet transport, another temporary daycare facility or boarding).

Trainer’s Own Demo Dog

If you offer dog training, this provides coverage for expenses if your own demo dog is injured or killed while assisting with your training services.


Includes replacement cost coverage for tools, equipment and stock owned by your business while it is on the premises of your business, plus any renovations or leasehold improvements you are responsible for. Broad, multi-peril coverage is provided – in other words, the policy protects you against a wide variety of things that could damage your property such as fire, theft, vandalism and sewer backup among others.

Contents Away from Premises

Covers tools and equipment while they are in transit, or in storage or in use at a location not specifically listed on your policy. For example, this would cover equipment you take with you if you provide a mobile service. This is broad, multi-peril coverage.


Applies to pet sitting and dog walking services to insure the theft of your customers’ contents by your employees while they are working for you. This coverage is primarily used to give your customers a level of trust in your business so they feel comfortable having you in their home when they are absent.

Lost Key Coverage

Applies to pet sitting and dog walking services to covers the cost to replace or re-adjust the locks at customers’ homes if you lose their keys.

PROfur Coverage Extension

This is a package of various coverages included on all PROfur Masterplan policies. It is designed to maximize your protection by covering gaps that often arise unpredictably after a claim.

Business Interruption

Covers lost profit and pays for necessary ongoing expenses if your business is interrupted or closed due to a property damage claim. For example, if your pet care facility suffers extensive water damage after a storm and you’re closed for 2 months while it’s repaired, the policy will reimburse you for the profit you’ve lost and it will pay for necessary operating expenses that continue even while you’re closed, such as your salary and loan payments.

Coverage is also included for extra expenses you incur to avoid or minimize the interruption of business after a claim. For example, if your pet care facility suffers extensive damage after a fire and you’re closed for 3 months, this coverage can be used to cover the costs of relocating your business and advertising to let your customers know where to find you.

Equipment Breakdown (optional)

Insures your electronic equipment (or your electrical panel, wiring, air conditioner) against damage from electrical disturbances (like power surges and brown outs) and mechanical breakdown, and more importantly, it covers the lost profit and necessary ongoing expenses (like your salary) if you’re closed due to the equipment breakdown. Many commercial leases require you to carry this coverage. You can find out more info about the coverage at to help determine if it’d be beneficial for you. Note that this coverage is automatically included on some policies.

Proof of Loss Preparation Costs and Professional Fees

These 2 benefits help to pay for expenses incurred for you to establish the amount of your loss after a claim and to prepare the Proof of Loss form that you’re required to submit before a claim can be paid. For example – your pet care facility is shut down for a month to clean up after the sewer backs up into your facility after a storm. You will likely need to hire an accountant to establish how much profit was lost while you are closed before you can be reimbursed by the insurance company.

**All coverages are subject to the limits of insurance purchased and the usual Terms, Conditions, Exclusions and Warranties of the underwriter, Intact Insurance. Deductibles may apply to some of the listed coverages. More detailed coverage information will be provided with your quote.

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