Why PROfur?

If you’re comparing insurance policies, many policies can look the same on the outside but the difference is usually in the details of how the policy actually works. For instance a policy that has a deductible for emergency vet expense claims may be less expensive to buy compared to a policy that doesn’t have a deductible, but if you have a claim, the policy with the deductible could end up costing you much more then you’d save by buying the cheaper policy.

Here are some key questions to ask about your insurance to ensure there aren’t any surprise costs down the road:

Questions to Ask About Your Insurance PROfur’s Coverage
1. Does the policy treat pets like people or like property? PROfur treats pets the same as people, so you’re covered for lawsuits for pain & suffering of a pet.
2. What’s the coverage for emergency vet expenses, loss or death of a pet? $10,000/pet, $50,000/occurrence are are the base limits, plus you have your liability coverage if you’re sued as a result.  Higher limits are available.
3. What deductible applies for emergency vet expenses, loss or death of a pet? $200
4. What deductible applies if you’re sued for injuries to pets or people? $0
5. Are emergency vet fees, lost pet or death expenses covered even if you’re not at fault? Does the policy require the pet owner to first claim the expenses on their own pet health insurance before your insurance will pay? The PROfur policy covers these costs regardless of whether you’re at fault & the pet owner doesn’t have to involve their own insurance, so your claim is paid quickly to help preserve your reputation
6. Are pets covered for multiple perils or specified perils? In other words, will the policy cover emergency vet expenses, death expenses and liability for things like: one dog bites another; a pet is rendered unconscious after choking on something they swallowed; the dog gets loose and causes a traffic accident; an object falls and injures a pet? PROfur covers animals against multiple perils. All examples listed here would be covered under a PROfur policy. Ensure you get this in writing if getting alternative quotes
7. Does it include professional liability (particularly important for groomers, dog trainers and pet therapists)? Yes – you’re covered up to the liability limit you select.
8. Is there coverage to pay for a reward to locate a runaway? Yes, up to $5,000 per policy term for  rewards and to cover expenses to try and find a runaway (like mileage, brochures, advertising).
9. Is there coverage for the emergency removal of pets from your premises to protect them from danger (particularly important for daycare/boarding and some grooming businesses)? Yes – $2,000 is provided so you can protect them from the types of things that may cause a property damage claim to your facility, such as a fire or tornado.
10. Can the insurance company deny a claim if they don’t think you’ve used “reasonable means” to save an animal? No
Keep in mind that PROfur is specialized. Insuring pet care professionals is our sole business so we’re able to provide quick service & ensure your policy gives you the best protection on the market at a cost effective price.