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Pet care is a specialized business – and so are we! We have customized the PROfur™ insurance policy from the ground up so that it really does a complete job of covering pet care businesses. This is our sole business – the only one like it in Canada. And we are specialists like you. PROfur™ has just one focus – insuring pet care businesses - so that we ensure your policy gives you the best protection on the market at a cost-effective price without any surprising gaps that would exist on a less customized insurance policy.

Whether you're a pet groomer, dog walker, pet sitter, dog trainer or pet therapist, provide pet boarding, pet daycare, or a combination of pet care services – let PROfur’s history of happy customers, broad coverage and trusted advice work for you. Whether you are a home based business, have a commercial business location or are an independent contractor, we will provide you with an insurance policy that fits your needs.

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Woes? What Woes?

You know that pet care is a special career unlike any other type of business. It also has unique risks unlike other businesses. What you may not know is that you’re probably NOT COVERED, and that can put the pets you care for, your career and your finances all at risk. You need specialized insurance to keep away the woes!

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